Bag of words                            

Bag of words model is an information retrieval model. It extracts keywords from large amount of data. It also specifies the frequency of the key words used in the document. In SEO, we use this model to create tag cloud and correlate with competitor’s tag cloud to make use of all missing search terms as compared against competitors.
Please bear in mind that if more search terms are targeted; greater will be the SERP visibility.

What is Bag of words and its benefits in SEO?                               

Ideal Value for SEO                                                                                 

There are no ideal values for Bag of words, the agenda remains simple. We just need to optimize our pages based on the available cloud tag as per competitive analysis. The more we use, the better we will help in improving the SERP visibility. Please bear in mind, don’t over-optimize else it will lead to spamming.

Create model for your landing which you want to target and collect top 10 words based on frequency
Repeat the above process for competitor’s as well and fetch top 10 respective high frequency words as well
The merge all the top frequency words from the competitor’s and make a super set of word tag, make sure the set is unique and no repetition of words are available.
Then check your own landing page word cloud with the final super set word cloud and collect the words which are not present in your landing page. Make a final list of the unique words and this will be your output. In other words, this final list we need to use within our landing page to optimize the context around the page.

Working Mechanism:                                                                            

 How to use Bag of words  in webtool? 


Step 1:

Login webtool account.

Step 2:

Add landing-page
bag of words

Step 3:

Add competitor &
View Result
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