Cosine Similarity

 Cosine Similarity and its benefits in SEO                          

In SEO term, cosine similarity measures how much a given keyword available in the document is similar to the overall context of the landing page. In SEO, the more similar a keyword is with respect to the landing page, the better it is for ranking in SERP.

  Ideal Score for cosine similarity to have good SEO is 0.5 or above less than 0.5 is bad and needs improvement. If the result is 0 that means the  keyword is not at all present.   

Ideal score for Cosine similarity                                                               

We first take the given keyword against the target landing page URL and compute the cosine value in % based on our AI code.

After that, we compare it with our competitor’s mean value and check for comparison whether the data obtained is less or greater than the competitor’s. If our value is greater than the mean value of the competitor’s then no action needed. Else we run our code again to suggest how much occurrence we need to add again to the landing page for improving the score.

Work mechanism                                                                                        

How to use cosine Similarity  in webtool?                               


Step 1:

Login webtool account.

Step 2:

Insert landing page & Keyword


Step 3:

Add competitor &
View Result


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