Semantic Proximity       

semantic proximity and its benefits in SEO                     

Semantic proximity is a calculation of the semantic “distance” between two entities. In SEO, semantic proximity helps us to compute distance between 2 weighted search terms. The closer the distance, better will be the ranking factor.

The semantic proximity value of our campaign should be lesser than the competitor’s. In other words, this would signify that we have closer proximity as compared to our competitor’s and hence we would be having better visibility.

Ideal score for Semantic Proximity                                                       

 Work mechanism                                                                                    

Create model for your landing which you want to target and collect top 10 words based on frequency based on our AI code. Then Calculate proximity score with the help of proximity algorithm.

Repeat the above process for the competitors and calculate the mean value of proximity score.

Then check if the landing page proximity score is less than the mean value of competitors score. If our score is less than that of the competitor’s, then our semantic proximity is optimized else we need re-optimize the content to get the ideal score.

How to use Semantic Proximity in webtool?


Step 1:

Login webtool account.

Step 2:

Add landing-page

Step 3:

Add competitor &
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