TF_IDF and its benefits in SEO?                                                      

Tf_IDF also known as term frequency-inverse document frequency. In SEO, tf_idf help to find synonyms of all-important keywords which are mostly used in documents and then apply those synonyms words in the document. It will help to find the website in google by searching synonyms words.

Since TF-IDF is all about adding synonym keywords within the context of the page. Thereafter, it have no ideal figure. Just adding over the gaps would be best suited for the process.

Ideal value for SEO                                                                                  

Work mechanism                                                                                    

We first compute the “bag of words” of the given landing page
After that we pick top 10 search terms which have the highest weight in corpus (Frequency)
Then we find all the synonym words which correlates to the above point. We then show-case the list of such words. Furthermore, we also calculate the highest frequency synonym words of competitor’s too and merge it all together to form a unique list.

How to use TF_IDF in webtool?                                              


Step 1:

Login webtool account.

Step 2:

Insert landing page

Step 3:

Add competitor &
View Result
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